Ask Slender Man~
Tj: hello ^_^ *hugs* Br: TJ DONT DO THAT O.O

[/hugs] Hello dearie~ Who are you and your.. companion? [/pats Br’s head]

Doing anything for Halloween, Slendy?

Possibly going out for a hunt, though I believe I might just go scaring…~ I love the fear pitiful humans feel.

i'm your BIGGEST FAN!!!!! <3 *fangirl giggle*

Well then, it’s a pleasure to meet you~ [/pats head softly, chuckling]

They're not scary, just.. Intimidating. They are huge, black birds, with lightning in their wings.. *shows you a singed feather* This is from an encounter from two months ago. They are bigger than turkey vultures..

[/chuckles] Well then, that would certainly be fun to meet…~

I once encountered a Thunderbird, trust me you don't want to.

Haha.. now I’m somewhat curious~ Nothing frightens me, little rainbow.

*tilts head* slendy, whats a thunder bird?

A mythological entity, or species, no one really knows, that was very centered in Native American tales.

Have you ever encountered a Thunderbird?

I don’t believe so.

Slendy, do you like trees? I do.

Why, yes. I’m rather fond of trees~

hi slendy

Hello, my dear~

Is that so...? -runs a hand through his hair-

[/nestles into softly] Indeed.